Como se llamo esto


Como se llamo esto

投稿記事by killripsy » 2021年7月23日(金) 03:54

Como se llamo esto i am from SPAIN.

I registered a lot time ago. Can i see this web without adblocer?

thanks )

Re: Como se llamo esto

投稿記事by シゲサン@世田谷 » 2021年7月26日(月) 10:15

Hello “killripsy”,

Thank you for your message.

Except one forum in the BBS, you can see any of our web site pages without registration.

If you are an owner of 1400GTR and would like to join the club, then you can send us your information to the following email address for the member registration:

We need the following information of yours:

1. *Name:
2. *ZIP Code:
3. *Address:
4. *Phone #:
5. *Email:
6. Backup Email (optional):
7. *Nickname:
8. URL for your blog, homepage or SNS (optional):
9. Photo (optional):
10. *Self-introduction description:
11. *Model year of your 1400GTR (2008-2014):
12. *Place of destination of your 1400GTR: Melilla, Spain, Europe, etc.

- * is required items
- For 2 and 3, we need your full address to let us send you postcards, letters, stickers, etc.
- For 7, we need a unique nickname of yours to create your account for our BBS system ( ). Please check existing nicknames on
- For 8, if you provide a URL, it will be shown on the member list of our homepage ( )
- For 9, If you provide a photo, it will be shown on your member profile page ( )
- For 10, we need your self-introduction description for your member profile page on our homepage ( ).
- For 11, we need a model year of your 1400GTR for the member list on our homepage ( )

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you!
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